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Reimagine what’s possible

Great coaching is a process that reconfigures, strategizes, and reimagines what’s possible for you. Coaching is a recalibration of the problems and challenges we have into strategically aligned solutions. Great coaching does more than give you a soft place to land:

It uncovers the very best of you and your organization.
Coaching supports you in leveraging what’s working, amplifying your gifts, and helping you overcome obstacles to achieving your goals.

It helps you define and claim who you want to be as a leader.
There are thousands of leaders, but there’s only one you. We focus on developing your signature leadership style so that you can let go of the ‘shoulds’ and harness your inner wisdom. 

It’s a permission slip to reimagine.
You need to know that it’s more than ok to think about things differently. We’ll question the rules, find what works for you, and leave the rest. 

It’s a process, not a formula.
Coaching is a continuous learning cycle that’s tailored to your needs in this moment and informed by who you are and how you learn best.

I work with individuals and organizations to increase your sense of agency, seize opportunities, build cohesive teams, and enhance your leadership capacity. To learn more about working with me, book a Discovery Call.


Stop waiting for others to recognize your brilliance.

You’ve been racing from task to task, solving everyone else’s problems, meeting everybody else’s needs for far too long. You’ve been the trusted Go To Person at your organization for ages, and you rarely get the credit… or you get looked over for the promotion. It’s been fiiiine but there’s something that feels off.

You’ve read the books on burn out. You’ve tried meditation, finding new hobbies, workin’ on your fitness, or going all-in on making your family, friendships, or partner your focus – and yet every Monday morning, you feel the same.

Sometimes at night you dream of burning it all to the ground. Sometimes it feels like the only options are working the grind, playing by everybody else’s rules, or the insecurity of leaving it all behind. 

You ask yourself questions like: 

  • Should I change jobs and if did, would I feel any different?
  • Should I be stepping into a leadership role or not worrying about it so much?
  • Is it even possible to feel passionate about work anymore?
  • Am I making a big deal out of nothing?
  • Why can’t I be satisfied with what I have? 

What if it were possible to feel less burned out with more space, more capacity, and more satisfaction? This isn’t about changing careers (necessarily). You’ve worked too hard to get where you are. This is about feeling motivated and inspired in the life you’re living.

When you start a coaching relationship with me, you learn how to put on your own oxygen mask while also giving your team what they need. You figure out how to say no — so you can do all the things you want to do. You gain confidence, greater clarity and confidence, renewed focus and energy – helping you to be more productive and efficient and joyful at the office and at home, and you develop strategies to know what you want and create a plan to get it.

How We Work Together

We’ll initially work together for a minimum of three months, so that you have enough time to see the impact of coaching in your life and are generously supported as you step into courage.

During the three months we work together, you will receive:

  • Bi-weekly 1-hour calls (6 calls in total)
  • Call recordings
  • Email support during weekdays (response time usually within 1 business day or less)
  • Practices and resources to help you shift your mindset and patterns
  • Accountability check-ins as needed

Your total investment: $1500
Monthly installments: $500

After our initial engagement, we’ll talk about how to best meet your ongoing needs.

Book a free Discovery Call to learn more.

Cultivate a culture of leadership in your organization

Bringing a coach into your organization can be the support and guidance you need to ignite innovation, increase a sense of agency, and build strength and unity within your team. With the right coach, leaders like you can gain clarity about what really matters so you can start taking purposeful action aligned with your bigger company goals. Coaching can be a powerful tool when you’re in a time of transition, preparing for a big leap, or for ongoing recalibration.

My client roster ranges from early career professionals to senior leaders in both corporate and non-profit spaces. In addition to coaching individuals, I create and lead webinars and workshops, as well as custom 6-12 month group programs with an emphasis on BIPOC and women-identified participants.

Workshops, webinars, and group programs can address topics such as:

  • Nurturing high growth potential team members
  • Building a team of stand out employees
  • Seeking opportunities outside of promotions
  • Addressing the inner critic at work
  • Cultivating resilience within the workplace

I offer managers and leaders space to process without judgment, and opportunities to try on new ways of thinking and behaving. When we’re working together, we learn to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. We don’t rush through the messy middle, because we know that’s where you’re growing.
My approach is always tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs and grounded in a deep commitment to connection, transparency, and dynamic growth.

You’ve hired a talented team. Now it’s time to give them the support they need to excel and meet your organization’s goals. Schedule a Discovery Call.

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